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The Endless 100 Frame is a precision machined, multi-setup frame designed specifically for the Seba/FR and Micro series of freeride skates, and they are compatible with other 165mm mounting skates.


  • Multiple setups: 4×100, 3×110
  • Balanced Rocker for 4-wheel setup
  • Flat configuration for 3×110 setup
  • Recommended for Intermediate and Advanced skill levels
  • Mounting: 180 mm (*may not be compatible with all boots – ask if you don’t see your skate listed)
    • Boot must have fully threaded 3-hole or 7-hole mounting plates
    • Compatible boots: FR1, FR3, Seba Trix 2, Seba High Light (Carbon, V2), Seba iGoR, Flying Eagle F6/F7, Flying Eagle Drift, Micro Delta F (carbon cuff); 7-hole mounts
    • Not compatible: FRW, FRX, FR2, Seba GT, Seba Trix (5-hole), Powerslide Imperial, Powerslide Hardcore Evo, Rollerblade Metroblade, Micro Delta (plastic cuff); 5-hole mounts; UFS boots
    • Requires professional modification: Rollerblade Twister Edge, Rollerblade Maxxum Edge, Rollerblade RB 80/110/DA: forward-most hole in front mount must be drilled and tapped for an 8 mm mounting bolt (perform at your own risk)
  • Wheelbase: 303 mm
  • Brake compatibility (not recommended for use with brake):
    • 4×100: Powerslide Urban Brake Size L (908058/3)
    • 3×110: none
  • One frame set includes: 2 frames and 8 genuine Seba 345 axles
  • CNC-machined from 6061-T6 aluminum
  • Weight = 310 grams, without spacers and axles


Additional information

Weight 1,50 kg
Dimensions 34 × 15 × 4 cm

Black, Silver

3 reviews for ENDLESS 100/110 FRAMES

  1. Yegor (verified owner)

    This is for 90/110 as I’ve got those, but ordered 100/110 and then changed the order. Nevermind 🙂
    I came from FR1 310 (3×110) 243mm base (too tall and too short). My feet size is 42EU.
    First, 3×110. It’s a rock solid running configuration. It’s on-rails like stable compared to FR1 310 frame and even a bit lower, which gives even more stability. Not maneuverable at all, but it’s expected. Jumps and landings are super stable.
    4×90 is just freaking awesome! Jumps and landings are super easy to perform. Maneuverability is insane in a good way. They more agile than FR1 310 stock and more stable on strides and fast speeds. No wobbling.
    It’s much easier on your ankle joint as it’s way lower than FR1 310 stock. I feel no soar or pain in the joints anymore.
    It even feels like it’s less dependent on surface quality. As it’s rockered you don’t hit bumps with the front wheel, but you almost like floating above.
    Perfect frames! I’m happy now 🙂

  2. Alexandru (verified owner)

    Very happy with both the frames and the wheeladdict team.

    I’m coming from a 4×80 setup (have both flat and rockered), and the impressions after a couple of sessions (~7h) are as follows:
    – I needed a couple of hours to get completely used to the increased height (ankles a bit weak after the winter)
    – The difference in stability is very noticeable, in a very good way
    – You’re not loosing maneuverability
    – For me (183cm, 93kg, downsized to a 42EU FR1 boot) the 100s seem perfect: I can jump, land, do crossovers (I think I’ve touched wheels only once!?, can’t remember), slaloms (as in ski slaloms not spinning around cones slalom), go up and down kerbs, roll over pavement blocks, rough terrain, without any issues.

    Overall, this is 100% an improvement over any 4×80, but beginners should keep in mind that the height will throw you off a bit in the beginning, until you get used to it.

    Also, one more shoutout to the wheeladdict team for their service.

  3. Istvan Csomortani (verified owner)

    I’m skating a tone of different setups from 3×125 to 5×80. I even have a 4×100 wizard frame, that I’m using with a Seba UFS plastic boot. I was just curious how this frame will feel with a FR1 boot comparing to the original wizard setup.
    What I can tell is that you barely feel any difference between the two setup. The FR1 with endless feels a little bit lighter (actually it is lighter with almost 200g on each foot), which is almost welcome in big wheel blading. Maybe the only compromise that you will have to make is on the support section. The wizard setup provides you a little bit better support than the FR1 with endless. But if you have a higher quality boot, most likely that difference will disappear.
    Overall it’s a perfect choice, if you want to experiment with wizard skating, already have a good boot with 165 mounting, and you don’t want to rob the bank for a wizard setup.
    And last but not least, the wheeladdict.shop is just awesome, high quality service from the coolest people from Portugal. Love the Lino’s! 😀

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