CTT Standard shipping (slow)

This is fulfilled by our National mail service and once it arrives in the destination country it is delivered by that countries national mail service. This service works 100% , we have had no packages gone missing up until now (touch wood) however there are serious delays. Although it is meant to be a 7 day service , due to the pandemic you are looking at a couple of weeks. Patients is the key word here. 🙂

CTT Express –

Again this is fulfilled by our National mail service but a “express service”. This service works extremely well and quick within Portugal and the close surrounding EU countries. 2 -4 days. Delays will occur when shipping out of the EU and the package arrives with in your country if your National mail service has delays (eg. the US and Australia at the moment)

DHL Express –

Although a bit more expensive, this is the best option for countries outside of the EU. It’s a maximum of 8 days.

Brexit –

As you may have noticed we have made adjustments to accommodate our UK customers. However following your countries rules on importing, you are now liable in paying taxes and import duties for items over a certain amount. This amount needs to be paid by your when the items arrives in the UK before they release the item. This process can delay your package as customs is currently extremely busy.